Walking Amsterdam

Let’s start walking Amsterdam, the city of endless stories. This walking book is colourful and creative, and the routes are filled with architecture and hidden urban gems.

Walking Amsterdam: celebrate arts, architecture, nature & diversity

Floor van Spaendonck and Gijs Stork, best friends as well as art & design curators, are Amsterdam connoisseurs par excellence. They have a weekly column in the popular Amsterdam’ newspaper Het Parool and are storytellers by profession. Let them take you to the real Amsterdam, with unorthodox stories and imaginative descriptions.

The book contains walks through different parts of the city, as well as thematic walks about art, ‘it’s all in the detail’ and other topics. The illustrations in the book are made by Dutch artist Jan Rothuizen.

A book with 224 pages, 9 walks, 7 thematic walks, 380 stories, 383 pictures and 7 large drawings by Jan Rothuizen.

Inside the book: introduction

Welcome to Amsterdam. Allow us to cordially invite you on a walk across the city. Join us for one, a few, or all of the nine different, carefully curated walking routes and take a journey through time and past social movements, arts and architecture, nature and the newest urban developments. Tag along on a coffee or ice cream break and discover the hidden sights and alleyways only locals would know how to find. This book is a complete urban travel guide made by us: Floor and Gijs, beloved Amsterdam storytellers who write about our Amsterdam strolls and adventures every week in Het Parool. What started as sharing walks with friends on social media in 2020, quickly turned into a communal rediscovery of a city we’ve called home for so long. And we’d like to share all of the experiences, stories, sights and urban treasures right here with you.  

New perspectives on the Dutch capital

Get acquainted with the city through our eyes; two enthused and knowledgeable Amsterdammers with shared historical interests, a bit of activism and many years of working in the cultural sector. Experiencing something new on every street corner is our motivation, to be and stay endlessly curious our motto. 

Take the book with you when you wander through the city, but don’t forget to do just that. Wander, look around and let our beloved, beautiful, diverse, and chaotic Amsterdam surprise and delight. 

Will you come take a walk with us?  

Press & booksellers reviews

“Fantastic! You discover the hidden gems of Amsterdam during those walks” – Bookstore Scheltema / Pied à Terre 

“Floor and Gijs love the city and its stories” – Newspaper Het Parool

“The most entertaining walking guide in years” – Bookstore Over het water

In Dutch: Amsterdam door! Gijs & Floor

Walking Amsterdam is de Engelse vertaling van het succesvolle boek Amsterdam door! Gijs & Floor. De Engelse editie is bijzonder geschikt voor expats of andere niet-Nederlandstaligen die in Amsterdam verblijven. De Nederlandse editie is een mooi cadeau voor oude, nieuwe, ex- en aanstaande-Amsterdammers. Het boek is gemaakt voor cultuurliefhebbers, mensen die Amsterdam op een bijzondere manier willen kennen. Kortom: mensen die met een frisse blik naar de stad willen kijken. Van het boek werden in korte tijd duizenden exemplaren verkocht. 

Deze Nederlandse editie bestel je in de webshop.